Most clients choose screen printing because a greater thickness of ink can be applied to the garment than is possible with other printing techniques increasing the durability of the print.  It allows for a wider range of inks and dyes to be used and ensures bolder, brighter and more intensive colours. Screen printing is often preferred over other processes such as dye sublimation or inkjet printing because of its low cost and ability to print on many types of media.

Getting Started

There are initial, once only, set-up costs for the film positives, screens and artwork. But once these are done the price to print per garment is usually surprisingly low. The artwork charge varies according to the quality of the image provided to us. If your logo is available in a high resolution Vector file, such as, a pdf or eps this will help greatly, however we also accept hand drawn sketches. We use the PMS (Pantone Matching System) if matching colours is critical. (Please note, you have paid for the use of the screens only. When your job is complete the screens are reclaimed and used again for other jobs.)

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